Monday, November 23, 2009

Taiwanese Sports Day

With a portrait of the Taiwanese flag and beloved Sun Yet Sen behind him, our school's president dressed in Roman garb complete with breastplate and sword, and proceeded to pound his chest while addressing students, staff, family, board members, and the community at large. Are we invading China? No, it's the International School's annual Sports Day.
The foreign teachers were paraded in front of the thronged masses while the Indiana Jones theme song played and the president yelled into the microphone, "Everybody... happy... good day, yes?"
Kids dressed up in period costumes and in different ethnic and traditional clothings, some mocking others serious.
And oh yes, they raced around the track with lightning speed and agility. Some falling, others dropping the baton, but all showing great spirit and character. Which is part of the school's motto of Wisdom, Advancement, Grace, Objectivity, and Responsibility. A great day was had by all.

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  1. Where is SUNNY FALLING!!!
    I'm playing "LADY GAGA" in "MACBACKSTREET"
    I'm nervous...
    From Michael