Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Festival

Our school had its annual Christmas Festival and since Xi'an is a student in the kindergarten, she got to perform while I worked a booth across from the stage. Xi'an danced to the Tikki Room and I manned the "Snowman Smackdown" which was awarded first prize for raking in the most charity money.
Afterward my daughters got to sit on Santa's lap and finally get some Christmas spirit. This is Teacher Curtis doing the honors. Hardly anyone in Taiwan really celebrates Christmas and so when Santa asked the children what they wanted most said, "Uhhh, a sandwhich?" Xi'an said, (I got this straight from Santa himself) a Barbie Doll made out of chocolate and a new bicycle. Rebekah and Kinu were too terrified to get near him. Curtis didn't take it too personal though.
As stated, "Snowman Smackdown" was a huge success. Here Brian meets with a couple of his favorite students Anne and Tiffany.
Here is the finale, that's Xi'an dancing in the front row, all the way second from end on the right. See flickr pics for more fun.

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  1. Well, banana really lookes like a monkey eating a banana on the picture~