Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dear Santa...

(The following are excerpts of Dear Santa letters from my 7th graders)

Dear Santa: It is Christmas and my hope is to get a hand grenade from the Japanese. I think they are cool and I will paint a smiley face on it and throw it at the teachers. –Oscar.

Dear Santa: Please bring my mother a baby daughter. I think she is bored and it is good for women to keep a child when they have nothing else to do. -Thank you, Howard.

Dear Santa: I believe you live in the North Pole. That means you must like snow, but you do not get cold because you have fat. Please bring me a bag of pig babies I can keep in my bathroom. -Melody.

Dear Santa: I know you are busy delivering gifts to all the children in the world, but please bring me a baby snake. I like to watch them eat the mouse. – Becky.

Dear Santa of the North Pole: My sister Winnie says you don’t exist. She is a big, ugly girl with black eyes and black hair. Don’t bring her anything except for a bag of poo. Please bring me a lightsaber and the power of the force. - Your friend, Rich. (God be with you)

Dear Santa, My friend: Tony says you don’t exist. He is a small sickly boy with freckles and don’t bring him anything. Please bring me a cute baby puppy to hug and love. - Kevin, AKA The Chain Saw.

Dear Santa: My friend Gabby Chiang says you will live forever and you can eat ten thousand cookies in five seconds. That is like a vampire. I like the Twilight. I think Robert Pattinson is hot. Please bring me Edward Cullen and Window 7 (with touch screen) and a baby rabbit. -Your friend, Melody.

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