Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Insight into the Mind of a 7th Grader

The following are random notes, side conversations, scribbles, and grammar excerpts from the weeks 7th grade journal check. Enjoy:

“Teacher Brian, would you rather be a jedi or a sith?
Would you rather have a sexy woman or one who is with you all day talking?
Would you have everything in the world for one year and then die?” - Rich

“Teacher Brian, one day you are very hurry to poo poo. There are three bathroom: One has ten poos in the toilet. Another has many caterpillars on it. Another has not tissue paper except soiled paper in the trash which you must use. What do you do?” - Melody

“If I had a choice, I would rather be able to kill everyone with my finger than fly in the sky, but it would be more fun to have a notebook if you write anyone’s name on it, they will die.” - James

“Teacher Brian, would you rather be superman or a ninja? Teacher Brian, what if the ninja was magic?” - Oscar

“Teacher Brian is not very tall, he is not very ugly, but he is colorful. I envy him.” - Michael

“In a house fire, what would you save: Money? Magazines? Basketball shoes? Pictures of you? Or your Mom and Grandma?” - Tony

“Would you rather be able to kill all the teachers or be a god with no power?” - Isabelle

“I would rather have a sexy girl but no smart.” - Kevin

“Teacher Brian, would you rather have a smart brain, 2 slaves, 2 sexy girls, or be a cool man?” Randy

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