Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas To All

Well, Christmas in Taiwan came and went. The girls had visions of sugar plums, thats for sure. There were stockings and Christmas lights, and a little festival across the street with paddle boats, and a gift exchange at the girl's school. We also had a nice teleconference with the Colton House too and everyone is doing fine though we miss our family back home terribly.
Lauren Kinu got a late Birthday gift from her Grandmother in Oregon, and also got a photo album from her Dad. She is talking so much and is just a sweet little ball of goo.
Rebekah got a cool computer game and a little pink bike with a basket in front. We have gone riding every day since and she loves it, but toward the end, I know her legs get tired because she starts sucking her thumb and asking for ice cream with sprinkles.
Xi'an also got a bike, a little too big for her frame, I can ride it don't you know, but she did get skates and loves them dearly. Her favorite so far is to put on all her gear: knee, elbow, and hand pads with her big helmet and attack me WWF style. She will knee me to the head, "Does that hurt, Daddy?" Or elbow me to the throat, "How about now?" So basically, this holiday season, I just whimper in the corner until it's over. Love you all! Merry Christmas!

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