Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Year of the Tiger

While the girls are off in Korea with their mom for the Lunar New year, it’s time for me to reflect on just how my little girls are growing up.
Xi’an continues to amaze, going back and forth between Chinese songs, Korean conversations with old women in the marketplace, and English Shakespeare sonnets. As she approaches six, she has truly become my little helper. Folding clothes, sitting in the front seat with me driving through the parking garage, and sleeping with my t-shirt wrapped up around her face. Best American travel moment: having her sit in my lap as we drove down the driveway with her grandmother in the passenger seat laughing about how I used to get out and race the car home. Xi’an kept it on the gravel road, only missing the telephone pole by two or three feet. All smiles.
Rebekah is still just my little bundle of love. Sometimes at night I realize I have fallen asleep reading to her and I awake to find she is curled up in my lap whispering to me in Chinese. I have no idea what she is saying. It is the same as when she and Xi’an go back and forth after leaving from school, scolding and teasing one another in this language I have yet to get a handle on. It amazes me that this little thumb sucker, this little playground arbitrator, this little rainbow picture drawer can always bring a smile to my face. Best American travel moment: Mailing her teachers in Taiwan a picture she drew. The teacher has often said, “Rebekah is my class helper. When I am not in the room she tells all the other students where to stand and when to speak. She will make a great teacher someday.”
Lauren Kinu is just light as a feather. I can pick her up with one arm and put her on my shoulders until she digs her fingers in my ears and howls. I spend so much time with Kinu when she is not around I often look for her and imagine she is with me. I try to whisper to her softly, letting her climb all over me and giving her as much time and patience as I can. But she is a pistol, I can already tell. Best American travel moment: Kinu throwing a tantrum at OMSI and laying on the cafeteria floor after I took the bag of chips away. She punched the floor and waited a second before the pain kicked in and let out a horrible scream. I just stood there watching, then scooped her up and sang to her about animal crackers in my soup, lions and tigers…

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  1. Beautiful girls, Brian and Sung-joo. Miss you guys.
    Joe and Me-kyung