Saturday, March 6, 2010

Asians Taking Pictures of Other Asians

It's Oscar Season and here are the finalists for Best Picture at an Elementary School Field Trip. Oh yes, the Taiwanese love to take pictures while on vacation. Please enjoy...
Basically I got so sick of the constant posing and primping by the Taiwanese that I started stalking people and taking photographs of other people being photographed. I know, I have problems...
Someone asked me the other day, if everything in America is made in Taiwan, then wouldn't everything in Taiwan be made in....? The answer is no.
The best moment of the whole trip was this guy who took twenty minutes to set up his tripod to capture a picture of his girlfriend and she sat frowning while she waited and waited and waited, and when he was finally ready she smiled, revealing she was missing three teeth in front. Egads!
I lost track of how many people are actually taking pictures. Everyone had a camera.
This woman must have taken twenty pictures of flowers.

Really, seriously, I live with these people. They like their cameras. What's the problem?

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