Sunday, March 7, 2010

History of Love

Composed after a long night of wandering through the streets of Taichung
Once knew a man chained to the sky
Used to stand tippytoed on a wooden chair
Reaching into the back of the closet to throw a noose
Around the dark rafters
Said his mistress winter made him hang this way
Once saw an old man could speak to trees
Used to bury his face in the roots
Whisper to the bark, sing sonnets with falling leaves
He drowned in a brook
Said he refused a rescue line cut from his lover’s sapling branch
Once met a boy convinced he held
No more significance than a grain of sand
Used to wear out his lips kissing the bonfires of woman’s bosoms
Said his body caught flame one night
Now he drips in crystallized glass, empty in fury
Once spoke to a soul could walk across the sea
Carried wounds on his back shape of a woman’s lips
For a compass he kept a journal of dreams tied in a lock of her hair
Said he dropped it upon the foamy waves
Day he saw his lover set sail with the man who owned the wind
Once read a poet wrote he was one with the night
Found deception in the moon, betrayal in stars
Inside the garden walls kept his shadow tied to an alter
Said the trick was knowing which light was true and could have his offering
And which light was a lie and must die by a stake through its heart.

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