Sunday, April 25, 2010

Leaving for Home

(Hey Readers, check out the last of the Flickr pics to the right. Enjoy!)
Well... finally got my bindhi as I was leaving, a wild looking sadhu came up to me on the street, blessed me, and dropped some red flower paint on my forehead. Thanks, dude. Catch you later. Best thing about heading home...? India and Nepal... check. Hot showers, actual sushi, flying panda kite with my girls, first day stepping into the classroom singing, not sleeping in dirty clothes, sleeping on the floor next to my girls instead after awesome storytimes, not having to pay ten dollars to use the internet for an hour, going for long jogs, and... well, you guessed it: Chinese subtitles on my movies. Egads! This again. Ha!


  1. Check out that beard! I love it! And the red paint looks great on you. :P