Sunday, April 4, 2010

Outside Verona's Walls

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I’ve received a number of emails about the pictures I’ve been taking and most of the comments are the same. Wow! India, Awesome! The truth is that for everyone photography I take that makes it onto my blog or flickr account, there’s probably ten that I miss. Just out of the corner of my eye, the adolescent boy being bathed by his mother, hunched over on the front porch naked and covered in suds. They young girl in dress, waving at me and smiling, bright eyes, barefoot, COULD NOT BE ANY DIRTIER. I mean, just covered in soot and ash. The Sadhu walking with stick blessing the crowd.
It reminds me of Romeo, blind with passionate love for Juliet, how he bewails that, “There is no life outside Verona’s walls.” Of course, this is the same lunatic who called himself “Fortune’s Fool.” But it’s a fools statement, because there is always life when you least expect it.
Believe me, there is just so much I miss everyday that I can only capture with my eyes, just outside the periphery, that my camera cannot.
India is a feast. I need nothing else.

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