Saturday, April 3, 2010

Walk The World With Me

(A poem composed behind a church at sundown)

Walk the world with me, Love
I can be no more clear
Roll prayer wheels in Bhutan
Spin woolen hats in Santiago
Let me lay on rugs while you dance in Marrakesh
Run your fingers through the clinking jade bins of Guilin
Start at my toes and slide your hands up to my hips
Read the braille of my skin
Walk the world with me, Love

Sail the four winds with me, Love
I call on you to hear
Cling to magic carpets as we ascend Persepolis
Hoist masts around the coast of Cypress at sundown
Taste the salt surf after diving from a canoe in Peru
Discover Indian spices unknown to the human tongue
Moisten your burning mouth on the coolness of my kiss
Feel the soft caress of my lips
Sail the world with me, Love

Race the sun with me, Love
Into the night we’ll disappear
Count the stars over Reykjavik’s hills of ice
Nestle at the cliffs of Gibraltar under quilts
Follow falling light through the tree branches of Sumatra
Let me build a small fire in the deserts of the Sahara
Hold your body close to me, feel my naked warmth
Call the flames my heart and find life
Race the sun with me, Love

Dance the spinning sands with me, Love
We have nothing more to fear
Play your guitar lightly on the beaches of Madagascar
Dig toes into black silt of Montserrat
Let the whispering breezes of Goa blow about your long hair
Hold corral to my ears in Fiji, let me hear the echo of your laughter
Spin and shake my very vertebra with the sweetness of your voice
Pledging your life to me
Dance the spinning sands with me, Love
For evermore.

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