Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Joga Bonito

(Standing in the light behind the stained glass window at school, I become weightless as air.)

“Ligera como el agua
Del manantial sobre las piedras puras,
Asi te quiero, amada.
Al pan yo le pido que me ensene
Sino que no me falte
Durante cada dia de la vida.” -Pablo Neruda, The Captain’s Verses

Today was such a beautiful day.
I saw a one armed man riding a bicycle pulling a cart full of garbage
And drank coffee out of a clay bowl I brought back
From India
While sitting on a swing beneath a Banyan tree in the morning breeze.
Someone taped a picture back to my classroom wall
Without having been asked
A secret admirer perhaps
Or hidden saint, restoring my faith for just one more day.
Between classes I thieved a scooter and tooled around the block
Having it back before the owner noticed
Or she would have been
Mad as a hatter
And maybe chased me with a ruler
Or broom,
Then I colored with pastels for the first time in months,
Staining my hands with gunky sweetness
Wiping them across a shirt I plan never to
Wear again.
But if I do, so be it.
The end of the year is busy with grades and tests
But I made an old friend laugh so sweetly on the phone
A smile so wide across her face it filled the screen,
And I had students fill out World Cup Brackets
Explaining that the Brazilians play futbol with
Joga Bonito.
Just before the final bell
I checked the swimming pool schedule and found it empty
Stripped down to my boxers and took a dip
Floating six stories above the street thinking
Beauty is so close, it is everywhere I look,
But sometimes you have to just let it be,
And love it with only your heart from afar.
Neruda says, “Light as the water
From the spring upon the pure stones,
Thus I love you, beloved.
Of bread I do not ask that it teach me
But that it not fail me
During each day of life."

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  1. Next time come find me and we'll skinny dip.