Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And Now A Few Words About Sports

(After ten years of running sport brackets in and out of classrooms and staffrooms and over backyard fences, Hartenstein finally won his own tournament. How about that? Victory does come in orange.)

The other day on Taiwanese television I caught the second half of Michael Jordan’s 1991 Bulls taking on Magic Johnsons Lakers for his first championship. Phil Jackson was coaching in his ridiculous suspenders and heinous moustache and I was thinking, at that time in his life, Jackson was going for Championship number one. He had no idea he would win six with the Bulls, and certainly, he had no idea he would win another five as the coach of the Lakers on that very floor. How amazing is life. We have no idea what will come around the bend, and our best days are ahead.

During the Lebron frenzy of free-agency, like many other people, I found it curious that the public was going to finally see what was important to this mega-star. His choices then were: Chicago for a championship, New York for immortality, New Jersey for money, stay in Cleveland for loyalty. Of course, he surprised everyone and selected Miami. It’s a good lesson in life. Make a list of everyone you know, every loved one and acquaintance you have. Think about the one thing in life they chase: Money, Power, Respect, Love, Vice, God, Fame, Family, Work, Art, Security, Redemption, Reputation, Parental Expectation, Family Name, Addiction, Virtue… etc. Make that list. Memorize it by heart. Meet those people later on in life, and you can own them.

When the beautiful Dutch lost in the World Cup final to Spain’s better team, the Spaniards hoisted the coach on their shoulders and carried him off the field. His name is Vincente de Bosque. He is 59 years old. He had waited his entire life for that chance, the best moment of his life. How amazing is that, to think that we could live our whole life, wait all that time, for the best is yet to come.
Keep living everybody!

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