Monday, July 26, 2010

Indonesian Day Trip

Hit the road this morning for a day's sprint through the Indonesian island of Bali. Packed my camera, couple bags of gummy bears, the girls, and an umbrella. You come too.
Of course, the road provides ample pictures and Indonesian people don't disappoint. They look wonderful and the landscape provides breathtaking views. Here are just some of the pictures I took today.
Village workers along the road to the wildlife safari.
Oh yes... we rode on elephants.
After this picture we ate lunch and watched monkeys drink from cans of Coca-Cola.
Stopped for coffee and ice cream at the rice terraces along the way to Ubud. These were marvelous in scope and sort of dizzying to sit next to.
We ended up arriving in lovely and artistic Ubud on fumes. We toured the grounds of an old temple before hitting the famed art street. I hadn't been here in 12 years, but not much has changed except for the amount of people.
Ubud Barong. Open Up!
Old woman waiting for... not sure. What do we all wait for...?
Not sure if anyone has noticed, or if anyone is really paying attention, but I've been just too exhausted to write anything. All this fun in the sun has worn me out. I'm updating flickr tomorrow morning before we take off for the countryside. We're spending the rest of our time here up in the mountains. The girls are feeling much better after the enterovirus scare. It hit me pretty hard the first day of travel, but obviously I'm back on my feet too. Please be on the lookout for future blogs on bulbous white men in speedos, rabid biting squirrels (Rebekah had an incident...), and why gravity is kind to our bodies.

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