Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Villa at Chandidasi

Climbed up into the mountains on the eastern coast of Bali to this very private villa along the ocean.
There are bamboo thatched huts and lilypads in ponds and reflecting pools for mediation and swimming and just your basic decadence.
Of course, watching my girls is like splitting my eyeballs into three pieces, but we're having such wonderful fun.
Spent the afternoon down on the water snorkeling and looking at little fish swim in and out of the coral. The days grow dark faster here than normal, but the cool evenings keep me company.
It amazing to sit on islands like this, as if you are on the edge of the world. Solitude is good in times like this, you just sit back and watch the world move without a thought or care.
One surprise lately has been how close Rebekah and I have become. As she grows and tries to define herself outside of Big Sister Xian's shadow, she has proven to be such a funny and warm person. We've been talking a lot in rhyming metaphors and it just makes me giggle.
But as night draws, I find myself lost in thought. I am trying to just live and turn off my brain and just enjoy. That's the key, isn't it? Just enjoy life. I hope you are all doing that too.

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