Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Morning, Vietnam!

And then just like that I am in Hanoi, North Vietnam.
Skinned out with my rucksack and trusty mud flappers for some trekking north down to Cambodia. Just a fortnight away from school during exam periods. The students will hardly miss me.
I’ve never been to Hanoi before, the brilliantly vibrant northern capital with its Old Quarter, a perfect picture of what much of modernized Asia has lost. Red hanging flags with yellow stars, street hawkers, Buddhist trinket shops, ice chests full of recycled coca-cola, cheap clothing, colonial legacy, honking scooters, and a cauldron of commerce.
As you can see... I'm delerious with excitement! And by the way... I am ALIVE! People.
This year Vietnam is celebrating its 1,000 year anniversary and so Hanoi, or Tranh Long (City of the Soaring Dragon) is also alive and festive and ready to be had for the taking. I know it won’t disappoint.

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