Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'd Fight You, Sam Peckinpah

Tyler Durden: Ok: any historic figure?
Narrator: I’d fight Ghandi.
Tyler Durden: Good answer.
Narrator: How about you?
Tyler Durden: Lincoln.
-Fight Club

The news said only 4.6
Epicenter in Haluien about 200 km down the road
Woke me up with little Kinu
Snuggled beside me purring
Like a distant bus engine starting up in the snow
Called it a jumper-quake
Could hear the rebar scratching in the walls
I don’t like those, worse than the swinger-swayers
Later the kids told me
During an earthquake in Taiwan
Want to open the front apartment doors
Case the concrete roof split
And your trapped 3o floors up
Wouldn’t have thought of that
Nice one
Later I couldn’t sleep, heart racing like a
Buckshot mare
Sat on the floor with little Kinu in my lap
Watching Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch
While the cracks in the walls settled and
My hands stopped shaking
Look me dead in the eye, Pike Bishop
That blood ain’t real, is it?

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