Friday, December 31, 2010

Breakfast in Taipei

After another long flight into the night, we arrived in Taipei and crashed at a downtown hotel, awaking to chilled wind and the 101 Building out the window.
The girls got a quick soak and a scrub... and Dad brewed some hot chocolate, then we headed out for some grub. Nothing says morning like hot skin and winter weather.
Taipei is cool. Modern and run down, electric buzz and secret alleyway. There is always something to catch your eye.
I don't really know what Taiwan food is... I know many people say Taiwan is famous for food, but I have a completely different opinion. Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai... now these countries make great food, but Taiwan...? I've never tasted anything that is authentic. It's sort of a disappointment, but one thing that isn't... Dimsum!
Always yummy in the tummy, huh Bekah?
Steamed right before your eyes and brought to the table piping hot! It was the perfect dish to get us ready for another night of travel....
And where are we headed... you ask? Well, west of course.

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