Friday, December 31, 2010

Dinner in Tokyo

Arrived in Narita with time to spare. Slurped some noodles, snapped secret photos of awesome Japanese fashion, kneeled over some very low lying bathroom sinks, had a relay race in an abandoned wing, played UNO with a cosmetics lady, order two plates of dumplings, and almost fell asleep in a theraputic massage chair.
The flight was a breeze, kids slept most of the way. I try to explain to my daughters just how fortunate they are, that we are leading this amazing life. Jet travel, cool locations, collecting stamps in passports, sitting next to the translator from Narobi chatting about zebras or the Italian nun who is reading a book on Copernicus . What a life.
Of course, my daughters are so cool. We spend so much time just giggling. On the flight, I battled Xian in Super Mario on her new Nintendo DS. It's the first time I've played any kind of video game in years.
But sleeping on an airplane is not easy, and we all awoke many times dehydrated, freezing, with sore aching limbs of legs fallen asleep and arms numb or tingling.
But that's all part of the show, and as we exit the plane, my girls grab their backpacks and head through the exit. Watching them walk, I just feel so silly and proud.

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