Friday, December 24, 2010

A Hard Day's Night

Ladies and Gentlemen, well… our play went off with only one minor glitch… the temple roof fell in during the Capulet Party… I know, what are you going to do. We’re still laughing about it. But I was so proud, the students didn’t miss a beat. Bad things happen in life, but you just have to keep going. Here Mark opens the play before the prologue.
“A Dog of the house of Capulet, moves me!” Yes, that is little Gilbert and Eric in my Vietnam hats… I have already started thinking about next year. I’ve never done Julius Caesar, maybe set in Saturday School… I could call it, the “Julius Caesar Club.”
The Capulet Girls dresses were donated by the head of the Parent Teacher Association, and I would like to take this time to thank her for all her hard work on building sets and arranging costumes. Well Done!
The Montague Family and Capulet Family get together to sing, "Saw Her Standing There."
Then later the Montague Boys sing, "She Loves You, Ya! Ya! Ya!
Romeo, played so brilliantly by William, and Juliet, inspired by Angela, meet and do the Holy Palmer's Kiss in Ancient Chinese verse at the Capulet Party.
We went round and round about this, Angela wanted to do it in English, but I felt this would be something that grounded us in our pursuit for beautiful language, and I am so happy it went off wonderfully.
Juliet takes a beating... and comes back.
The Capulets make their move... and leave their daughter alone in the world.
The Capulets sing Let It Be... more to follow in the coming days. Thank you so much to all who helped. Thank you so much and we will see you again for our second performance Jan 13.

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