Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Merry Little American Christmas

The day after Rock N Roll Romeo and Juliet, took the girls back to Portland for a little Christmas at Grammy's House in Colton. Stayed the first night just across from Pioneer Square in downtown. Feels nice to be home.
Nothing much changes... people are always the same. You can find my Dad out in the garage tinkering and my Mom in the kitchen making pies. Lisa and Jeff arrive early with homemade bread. Gillian is a teenager now... so you have to send a text to get her attention.
As always, Grammy goes all out with the gifts, and the grandchildren went nuts for Boba Fete helmets, awesome storybooks, and all kinds of little whirling and blipping gadgets.
And as always I can't sleep, choosing to wait until all the dishes are washed and the wrapping paper wadded up and tossed, and all the goodbyes and goodnights are kissed and hugged away, to wander out into the forest, to walk the property line right before sun-up, then watch the sunrise atop the roof.
We are here for just a couple of days, then back to Japan and Thailand, where we will do some beach combing, then return to Taiwan to finish the semester and another Shakespeare Performance. I know that for many of you, seeing these pictures only makes me seem farther away, and not closer, and for that please know that I carry you in my heart.
Love you all. Merry Christmas.
God Bless.

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