Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An American Father in Asia

It was a great start to 2011. Home for Christmas, Japan, Taipei, Bangkok, Thailand, and then down to Puhuket for the beaches, just loads of fun. Then back to Taiwan to finish the Romeo / Juliet Production. Along the way, moved Kinu out of the crib and into a big girl bed. It marks a big change in my life as a father. No more bottles, no more little baby clothes, and potty training. Sounds funny, huh? But my girls are getting big. So this is me taking down the old crib and donating it to charity. Thanks, Lisa. This was Gillian and Nate's too. Anyway, we are in South Korea freezing our tails off for the new year and trying to sell my book to publishing houses here. The girls are great, even after Rebekah's fall, and life is happy and sweet. Miss you all.

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