Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chagalchi & Nampodong: Pusan Highlights

Took the girls into Chagalchi fish market right on the harbor and then across the street into the glitzy fab street markets of Nampodong.
Chagalchi is one of the best streets in the country. The fish hawkers, the old women shouting prices, the men carrying boxes of ice dumped on the road, the steaming bowls of soup, and all the old women with make-up and lace gloves cutting salmon and squid.
There were monks beating wooden drums and men thatching straw brooms and young women laughing and chasing my daughters down the alley with king crabs.
In Chagalchi, we sampled some o-deng fish sticks and drank hot steamy soup from bowls.
For lunch we strolled Nampodong. This is one of the most famous areas of Pusan with Yundusan Hill and the Pusan International Film Festival. Loaded with nightlife and daylight sights. Wonderfully fun.
Afterward, I saw this monk and woman leaving a restaurant. I thought it was cute. In Asia, you see a lot of monks in bars drinking or driving expensive cars are shopping for jewelry or riding the bus. It’s funny to see these people you think should be sitting under a Bodhi tree living like regular folks.
The back alleys of Nampodong is where the action is happening. Busy streets, amazing people, loads of fun.
But the best was spending the time with my daughters. They loved it. Xian ran here and there questioning everything, and Rebekah just rode on my shoulders. A wonderful day for sure.

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