Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Good Man is Hard to Find

I never do this… I swear, but I read this the other day online, and I just laughed out loud. Here goes:

EVERYTHING about Douglas Mercer, 38, is intense, from what he reads (Shakespeare) to where he travels (Rwanda, India, Nicaragua). He is passionate about experimental theater, scuba diving, Buddhism and Boston sports teams. In his teens, he liked the Grateful Dead so much that his mother, Carol Ann Mercer, drove him to concerts the way other moms drive their kids to soccer games. “Grateful Dead songs were like poetry, and Doug is attracted to things that really mean something,” said Lisa Kroiz, his sister. She added: “He’s a soul-searcher. He’s moved by poetry and music and beauty and travel.” He studied film at the American University of Paris and later went to graduate school in theater at Boston University. “Most people go from theater to TV to film,” he said. “I went the opposite way.” He prefers going the opposite way, he said. While at Boston University in the fall of 2001, he met Sara Jane Katz, an undergraduate from Manhattan who wanted to be a Broadway actress. He remembers thinking she was studious and boring, not his type. He preferred outgoing, hippie-ish women. Ms. Katz hates the smell of patchouli oil, and friends say she loves shoes way too much to go barefoot.


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