Friday, March 4, 2011

Leaving Korea, Back to Taiwan

The year of the Bunny has begun….with the rest of us chasing that wascally wabbit in circles. Me too. We leave Korea back to the cement and asphalt and heat and grime of Taiwan. Time to put some money back in my pocket and work.
It was amazing to be in Korea and see all the changes the country has accomplished. I look at my book, Me Gook, and believe even more in its purpose, about a time in that country’s existence that still exists, but is slowly slipping away.
The highlight of the trip, without question, was presenting my daughter’s Korean Great-Grandmother, Wae Halmoni, with a copy of Me Gook during the Lunar New Year party. Of course, her surprise and shock to think that her story was read now by people all over the world was wonderful to see. Me Gook has been purchased and read in Russia, Australia, Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, England, Taiwan, and Spain. A special thanks to all those readers who have emailed me from various parts of the world, and especially back home in the States. Sharing the story with you has brought great peace and joy to many people here in Korea and that is amazing to see.
So… what’s next? Well… as I write this I am currently off to class. My students are planning short films that focus on satire, and this afternoon… Jack London and Mark Twain. Ah….the beautiful life of an English teacher. Still dreaming...

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