Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hartenstein Room Vandalized

They came in while no one was looking. They ripped my posters off the wall. They threw homework and student projects on the floor like trash.
They took batteries out of the remote controls and threw them against the walls. They dropped the remote controls in water.
They took boxes of chalk and smashed them against the walls and floor. They threw hundreds of little chalk bullets at the TV leaving divots in the screen.
They tore down displays, emptied desks and littered them on the floor, tore up books and left them discarded beneath desks.
At this moment, we know who you are... and I am waiting to see what the school will do with you. In the past, they have done nothing in these cases. Students will perhaps take a short bow to teacher and that is all. So I am waiting... and you should wait too, for my punishment.

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