Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Joyful Noises Unto The Lord

I am surrounded by silly things. Every day laughing like Micah in the desert lost in translation. Little porcelain cat waving to me beside a bird bath. I see you hiding there. Do you see me smiling? Yes.
Today on a walk just as the sky darkened and gray rolling clouds the shapes of gravestones came lumbering over the building tops, I saw a tiny tree frog drop beneath a lily pad. Oh, how I wanted to say hey to you.
School’s falsely advertise all the time, this one has a running track. Sweet! If you are a hamster.
Xian ties her sisters up in chairs in the living room, I think she is considering building a bonfire beneath. Kinu loves it, she nibbles almonds from a bowl and sighs.
This was supposed to say, “Lovely Monkey.”
Johnny brought in his Terra Cotta Warriors today in a box he latched with a metal cinch. When I was in Xi’an, I mailed mine back to my mom wrapped in newspaper. They made it.
Rebekah likes to draw fish so we went to the market to stare into their eyeballs. Glub. Glub. You’ll be in my tummy soon.

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