Friday, June 10, 2011

Student Essay: “The Best Nanny I Ever Met”

(The following is a student essay passed to me this week. This person is NOT my student, but indicative to some of the discipline problems our school is having.)

I have two mothers. One is my real mother, the other one is one of my nannies. Her name is Lanie. When I was young, my parents didn’t have time to take care of me, so they decided to find a nanny to clean the house and look after me at the same time. I had always thought of a nanny as being a person who just helps you keep your house clean and take care of the family. I never thought that a nanny could be my other mom.

(Runnaway Bride on Gongzheng Rd.)

The first time I met Lanie, I came home from school and she was sweeping the floor. We just said, “Hello” to each other then I went up to my room. The next day, I asked her lots of questions. We talked a lot. She said, “Your mom told me that if you say you like a boy, then I should say that you are too small to have a boyfriend.”
I laughed and said, “My mom always asks someone to tell me something because I don’t like to talk with her about myself.”
She added, “But that’s your mom.”
I answered, “Who cares!”

(Burning Ghost Money at Neighborhood Temple)

Later on, we talked about girls and boys in school, and went to the park and swung on the swings. We watched movies at home, and did puzzles until late at night. Day after day we became closer and closer. Sometimes we even shared embarrassing stories. One time when we were walking up the stairs I poked her bottom. She cried, “Hey, I’m having my period.”
Then I smelled my finger and answered, “Ew! It’s so smelly.”
After finished my words I was shocked because I had never been so open to anyone before. She was the first person that I could be myself around and not worry about what I said or did. We even did bad things together. My mom doesn’t let me read comics, but Lanie bought comics for me, and she helped me hide them under her bed. After my mom found out she was really angry and hit me very hard.

(Windmill Mural at Daughter's School)

For some reasons Lanie left in March of this year. But we really had lots of fun together, and loved each other very much. Sometimes I would even tell her, “I love you.” I have probably only told my real mother that I love her less than five times, while I’ve probably told Lanie more than ten times. To me, she is not just a nanny, she is my best friend, my other mom, and the closest person to me besides my family.

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