Saturday, July 16, 2011

Haircut Bobs for European Ruins

I know what they say, "Sugar and spice and all things nice..." but if you're going to spend the summer digging in the dirt, climbing trees, and backpacking through ancient European ruins, you'd better get a haircut.
This is Kinu's first haircut, all those little baby curls are now gone.
Sweet and funny Rebekah needed the "Perfect" summer haircut. She is ready to do some exploring in the day and dancing the night away.
Xian wasn't quite sure about the whole "bang" theory, but she is sure ready to hit the road.
Look at these two goof balls.
My sweet little Kinu growing up. Kinu is really into the silly age now where she just giggles and makes the funniest jokes. A total riot.
Pretty silly... that's for sure! Starting to pack up for the big summer trip. We are so excited!

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