Sunday, July 3, 2011

Modern Love in Asia

I think the simple truth is, that I will never be fooled again. Why? Because I just won't give anyone that power over me again.
I think this is the realization people come to after many years. When you're young, you live and die for it, but when age settles, when you are given that last little taste, you come to understand how precious it was, now that it is lost. You then convince yourself, I mean you spend years convincing yourself, that it is inconsequential, insignificant, beneath you, and you're right.
But for a taste of it again, what would you do? What would you give up? What would you sacrifice? If you don't know those answers, then, well, perhaps you were never meant to love in the first place.
All I know is this, for those of you who are looking, it will come again.

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