Monday, July 25, 2011

The Roman Forum and Coliseum

The morning was very hurried and hectic. We traveled to over three banks trying to change money before finally settling for an ATM, hustled by Metro over to Stazione Termini to buy tickets to Venice, saved almost a thousand U.S. dollars rather then buying an on-line round trip ticket, and finally made it to the ancient ruins of Rome by noon.
Foro Romano is classic Roma at her best. Stretching from Via Dei Fori Imperiali to Via Dei Cerchi, she holds secrets to as past we all share. (And my personal favorite site in Rome, the Coliseum)
The Colosseo of Rome is an amphitheater located in the heart of ancient Roma. Constructed around 70 AD, it held 50,000 people and was originally used for gladiatorial battles, public executions (especially of Christians who were often dipped in wax and lit as candles along the Via Appia for Nero to ride under naked on his chariot), and other public debacles and spectacles.
Although the Coliseum is worn by age and earthquakes and potshots from former French Generals with “Little Man” Complexes, she still remains a symbol of ancient and modern Rome and the glory of the old empire. How could anyone not take pride in such a structure? It is a world marvel!
Right next to the Coliseum is the Forum and along with throngs of hawkers selling anatomically correct boxers, aprons and Italy sweatshirts, is what’s left of the center of ancient Rome. It was the site of multiple buildings and a way of life that still exists to this day. It is hilly and tree lined and one gets a sense of how splendid ancient Rome must have been.
I don't know... I guess I'm a guy that always loved to give speeches, so here is one. I love this place. The smell of old stones, the dust between my toes, the smooth felt of worn rock, and my girl's faces smiling back at me in the fading light. Here's to the glory of old Rome, and the new feet who trod these roads smooth.

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