Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spanish Steps and Piazza Navone

After the most amazing afternoon nap we headed back out into the Italian streets by horseback carriage toward the famed Spanish Steps.
Kinu had ever so much wanted to ride a horse, and well, this was the next best thing, slowly clip-clopping our way on the cobblestones to through crowded piazzas and little markets.
It was dusk when we arrived and the church bells were ringing in the distance as we climbed up the steps, hand in hand, to the little church at the top for water breaks and and a some flowers to smell.
The girls are doing so well, we trade off "Daddy Time" which is basically me lugging them here and there. Xian has been quite a good big sister as she helps lift Kinu up to see the sites, and Rebekah, with her amazing sweet little heart, does her best to keep everyone encouraged.
That morning we toured Piazza Navone, quite by accident, but what a surprise. All these little lovely places right around the corner that you would never know existed if you didn't stretch your feet just a few paces more.
My girls are fascinated by fountains. The love to pretend throwing coins in and running their fingers in the little ripples. So sweet they look laughing in the sunlight.
But there are always other people around, it's rare to have a moment completely by ourselves, so I create little pockets. We huddle and whisper. We rely on each other. My little darlings and me. I am so blessed, aren't I?
And in the end, what is there. There is art and beauty and funny things and sweetness. There is what we want and what we can have and dreams are what we make of them. I hope all of you out there reading this are having the times of your lives. I hope you find some inspiration here, if there is anything you see in this blog, this father traveling with his daughters through this beautiful land, with nothing but my sweat and my wits and my strong legs, it's that anything is possible.

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