Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Italian Paparazzi Version: I Got You, Jesse Eisenberg

As most people know, the term "Paparazzi" comes from the amazing 1959 Federico Fellini film, La Dolce Vita, starring the gifted Marcello Mastroianni as... of course, Marcello (you've got to see him work the room with a handkerchief and Sophia Loren... check it out)and the cold as ice Anita Ekberg (even Bob Dylan wrote about her). Many people think the name is associated with annoying flies, but Fellini himself stated he got the name from a hotel owner instead. So here we go... Hartenstein as paparazzi, but I swear, I sought none of these people out, they just appeared randomly during my time in Italy.
I caught Jesse Eisenberg while watching my daughters pick up rocks and kick dust next to the Roman Coliseum. We were both standing there beside a tree and I looked up and He was on a tour with a group. I thought about putting his picture as my Facebook profile just for a lark. This picture is funny to me for a lot of reasons.
"Big Z" Zydrunas Ilgauskas of the Miami Heat and formerly Cleveland Cavaliers strolled by Trevi Fountain while we were at a street cafe having dinner.
Believe me, at 7 ft, it was hard to miss him.
On our last night in Rome, while returning to Piazza Navona, amid the crescent moon, street performers, and painters beneath street lights, I put Xian on my shoulders and we got to be an extra in an Ellen Pompeo and Alec Baldwin movie shooting there. I was told to keep moving, the cameras were rolling, and they wanted us to look natural.
Snapped a little funny picture inside their tent just for kicks. Alec Baldwin and Ellen Pompeo did come outside briefly and walked passed me, but I didn't put the camera in their face, I thought that would be rude. I guess I'm not quite cut out to be a "Paparazzo" afterall. Cheers!

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