Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Night Cavorting in Venice

I won't even tell you how good the food is... I won't even try to describe having the 75 year old owner of the restaurant come over to the table and walk you through his menu while his brother plays guitar. I won't even bother describing.
It's basically one of those, are you kidding me, kinds of moments. You look around, try to spot hidden cameras, because it's just to surreal. But suffice to say, the food was so excellent tonight.
We walked up from our hotel toward the main squares, from Hotel Santa Elena through the parks, following the fading sunlight. Hungry. Legs tired. Sunset going down over the water and the passing ships. Lapping water along mossy bricks, and that Italian sun. People should go to Italy just to watch the sun on buildings.
But oh yes... the food. Laughing and the girls chased the accordian player on the cobblestones and I sat back with my stomach full, I had to actually put up two hands to keep the desert tray away. Such a sweet night. I wish you were all here tonight too.

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