Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sailing into Bodrum, Turkey

We arrive on calm seas into the ancient city of Bodrum, Turkey with its castles and winding streets that stretch into the hills and the blue sky.
Into the markets we stumble, strumming little guitars and picking up trinkets of beads and necklaces for our loved ones back home.
The sunlight is bright, but the Turks have little alleys of quiet and solitidue. We sip coffee here and cold milk for for the girls.
At times, I believe we are surrounded by pirates and scalawags...
The world has divided itself into these things: lanes and streets, wide roads that traverse and paths that bisect. We are a people who cut and split, label and mark and define by work.
We perform the same routines each day, living the same moments over and over again. We do our best, we try not to be overwhelmed, but help what we can help, fight for what we want, give up only at the last final drop.
I don't know... is it so bad to just follow the sunshine every day, to live for what is around the next bend? Is that even a philosophy one can hang their hat on?
How easy we unravel sometimes, all of our truth, all of our meaning, all of our hope, just gone, abandonded. So, we sail on. We keep moving to find it again, or hope it finds us.
I have a great deal of faith in it finding me.
I won't kid you, it looks lovely, doesn't it? But the work I've put in to get here, the stretch of days laying back behind me full of toil and hardship, nights of pacing, staring at walls in the room full of madness. I deserve a little sunshine, we all do.

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