Sunday, August 7, 2011

St. Mark's Square, Venice Italy

Hit the famous piazza, St. Mark's Square in Venice over the weekend. It was a chilly day and luckily we brought jackets. Crowds swarmed, pigeons squealed and chased tossed bread, black coffee was drank, and these kids smiled.
Of course, we ran around the Basilica di San Marco and the creepy Orologio dei due Mori and bought an umbrella in the Palazzo Ducale, but I just loved watching people and looking for the frescos.
This place has been filmed so many times in movies, in fact, I caught about ten minutes of Johnny Depp's The Tourist on the flight over and thought, yep... that's where we're going.
The rain was a surprise, much colder northin Italy than in sunny south. But that didn't stop us. I pushed the stroller and carried Kinu on my shoulders, doing a "Rocket Ship" over each of the bridges. It totally wiped me out chasing these girls around.
The bell towers and the flags, the small side streets and the crowds. So many different nations and peoples. It was just such a nice day.
My girls, of course, don't really care as long as there are pigeons to chase. They have become quite adept at luring them close and then terrorizing them while Dad sits on the cafe chairs and sighs.
But they weren't alone in this pursuit, nor should they be.
When the afternoon got too cold, and I could see that tired little legs couldn't make it anymore, we stopped at one of the romantic little cafes for hot chocolate. Yes, the whipped cream was everywhere.
There was a little Italian brass band playing old favorites next to us, but these waiters caught a quiet moment I thought was cool.
In the end, yes, it is just another famous place to stand in and wander around, but it's also more. It's a way of life I want my girls to see and be a part of, a way of relaxing and following this pursuit of life as beautiful. Buildings, just for the sake of beauty, or to try and communicate man's ideal of God. How cool. Even in the rain.

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