Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back to Normal

Believe me, hanging out most days wtih this motley crew of ballerinas, pink lady bugs, and spidermans keeps me on my toes.
Rebekah loves to draw underwater scenes: jellyfish, flounders, sharks, mermaids, and of course, perfect little turtles with funny shells. Such detail, huh? This kid keeps me in stitches all day long.
Kinu has just lost her mind. She rules the roost. Up is Down, Back is Front... she ties me in nots... and does her best Bruce Springsteen impersonation.
Then of course there's Xian, who despite always wanting to climb the walls, is turning into a little lady. What am I doing with these three girls, huh? Doing my best.
Oh... and did I tell you Rebekah lost her first tooth? Bottom front... Tooth Fairy is going to come a-calling... these kids are growing up right before my eyes.

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