Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day Trip to Oia, Santorini Greece

Hired a driver and headed out across Santorini Island to the tiny cliff village of Oia.
Built right into the rocks, the city is brilliant in white stucco and marvelous blue sea.
The sun was so bright we hid behind sunglasses and long brim hats, rolled down the windows and let the wind blow through us.
The little villages of Santorini freckle the island in a dizzy mirage.
I'm happiest on these days, rolling from place to place, passing other people's lives in blurs, thinking this movement is some how permanent.
We pass people on the road who look as if they love moving too. If I stop to talk, will the memory last, or are we too busy moving away from one another to care?
That's why I love things made of rock and stone and mortar and cement. Things I can trust... or at the very least, outrun if needed.
Can't outrun beauty. Can't outrun time. This is just a day trip, after all, and I have to get back to the ship, back to reality.
But... don't you just want to jump? Just to see how it feels to swim away into nothingness and beyond? I do.

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