Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last Day in Europe Before We Head Home

Four our last day in Europe, we return to Rome to wander the streets and turn our faces toward the sunlight one last time.
My daughters are excited and nervous and jump on their suitcases to try to make them zip!
In the afternoon we head back out to Piazza Navona, some street dancers are there and a large crowd gathers around.
Painters sit on stools, old women fan themselves from the heat, and we dip our feet in the fountains to cool off.
We had such fun! I feel such relief. This was my dream, to take my daughters to Europe, to let them see these beautiful places, museums, villages, to let them experience this way of living.
They just laugh at me now. How silly their father is, always trying to turn the corner and chase down a hidden statue or look something up in a bookstore we are passing.
That's family, huh? Letting people be who they need to be. I've always appreciated that.
It will be hard to return to Taiwan. There is the school year and busy minds scribbling and planning and preparing for students to arrive.
My kids will need to buckle down, put their backpacks up on hooks, hang their posters and treasures in safe boxes, and get ready for the pursuit of Chinese language again....
Ahhh... just saying it kind of hurts. But we will survive. We are together. We have come this far. Another day, another journey. Life is sweet like that.

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