Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Little Things of Split, Croatia

Our last day of voyaging on the Mediterranean came exploring the beautiful antiquities of Split, Croatia.
Through the open square and into the crowded mass of winding interlocking streets. Motorcycle delivery carts with fresh veggies, Russian women grimacing through puffs on cigarettes, and beautiful blue sky above.
The Old Town still has its Roman feel back from the days of Diocletian, and one is instantly transported back to the days of warm public baths, toga clad senators, and soldiers in red capes standing guard.
Rebekah and Kinu just had so much fun exploring. I like this picture of Rebekah because her legs look like a garden gnome.
Of course, the things that interest me are always on the fringe, little things always hanging where people pass and don’t notice.
People too. There’s always someone to watch or follow with my eyes or feet, around a corner until they move away and something else takes shape in my imagination.
I’m not above checking out the real important stuff though. I highlight my guidebook, same as the rest of you all. Like here, the great clock tower. Ouch! That hurts my neck.
Everything seems smaller when standing next to a Roman pillar. As you come out of the catacombs they blind you with their length climbing high into the brilliant sky.
Don’t miss the little residential neighborhoods either, there is always something hanging around to catch your eye.
At least… that’s what I tell my girls. Never stop looking, never stop watching… follow those little things that catch your eye. That’s what it’s all about.

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