Friday, September 30, 2011

Taichung News Update: The Construction Mess at the People's Park in Taichung

Well... here we are on the cusp of October and the Taichung People's Park is still closed for business. This amazing strip of city living room stretching from the Science Museum to the Fine Arts Museum has been closed for months, fenced off from the public, while city employees smoke, drink afternoon beer, and push a couple shovels around.
It’s absolutely appalling! What are city officials thinking? The original plan is to build some sky tram walk way through the city to give it a better personality, but in so doing, take the most popular place in the city and close it for ridiculous renovations.
What are they doing? What is taking so long? The other day I was jogging and rounded a corner on Wen Xin Road. There, between a motorcycle shop and an vacant house, 8 city workers were laying asphalt. 8 workers on this little strip of alley no bigger than my kitchen! The People's Park is sprawling... and what? they got ten guys lazily eyeballing landscaping? They're moving around dirt for crying out loud.
I watched for a while last Saturday while my daughters and I threw frisbees around on the little patch of grass reserved for the public. They had a couple of ancient dudes with rocks pounding in twigs used as measuring sticks. Then another guy was carrying about ten thousand bricks one-by-one with his hands and pounding them into this sand pit. What a disaster. Mayor Jason Hu, what is going on here? This is a wasted summer? This kind of city waste and leadership is a sham!
What are local businesses thinking? All the new shops that have opened up along Gongzheng Road are going out of business. This is prime real estate and they are struggling in this economy because this park has been closed half the year. What about the annual Taichung Jazz Festival, will that be canceled now? That's one of the highlights of the year. It has momentum, will it just be cancelled? The construction fiasco of the Taichung People’s Park illustrates everything that is wrong with Taiwan. On Monday a guy digs a hole, on Tuesday another guy fills it with cement, on Wednesday somebody shows up and says, “Why is this hole filled with cement? Come on, let’s dig it up?” On Thursday the cement guy comes back and says, “Who dug up my hole?”
People… let’s get with the program!
My dad is an engineer… we’ve built all kinds of things in my life. You get my dad on the backhoe, get me and my brother and a couple of buddies and a case of Gatorade and we’ll finish this construction in a weekend. Come on Taiwan, get your act together!

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