Monday, November 28, 2011

Because I Could Not Stop For Death...

"Because I could not stop for death- He kindly stopped for me..." Emily Dickinson

The reason she was crying is because you called her a "Slut!" Don't you get that? That's why she locked herself in the stall and wouldn't return to your class.
"The Carriage held but just Ourselves- And Immortality..." -Emily D.

And yeah, nobody cares if you can speak Chinese or if you were born into this culture or you grew up in L.A. and now you've returned to change the world...
"Since then- 'tis Centuries- and yet- Feels shorter than a Day..." -Emily D.

Nobody cares how you twisted and lied and manipulated your way into the center of the school admin staff in just your first year... because every time you throw a book at a kid, or offer personal money for them to rat out their friends who talk behind your back, or record them on your iPod misbehaving and then take the evidence to the principal... nobody got it?
"I first surmised the Horse's Heads- Were toward Eternity-" -Emily D.

Because today you made one of my favorite kids in the whole school cry... for nothing. Thanks, pal. Job well done.

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