Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hartenstein!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... one more nail in the coffin, one more foot in the grave... the old man is a year older and so much better for it.
First off, I want to thank all the people who sent birthday wishes and greetings, cards and gifts... you are too sweet and I deserve neither your friendship nor your bank accounts.
I would also like to thank all my family members for putting up with me for another year, because believe me, I can be a pill.
Actually, today was really a terrible birthday... I woke up freezing on the floor, somebody cranked the air-conditioning down too low and I was shivering, it was raining and my pants were soaked by some maniac taxi driver roaring through a puddle, I spilled my coffee, got to school on time but then Xian dropped my breakfast on the floor, classes were awful, students brutal, noisy, disrespectful, belligerent, apathetic... so I had to yell at my favorite kids and made this girl cry... then I felt like an idiot... and carried that pain with me the rest of the night...left school... fight traffic, get to the birthday dinner... everything is chaos... feeling horrible for being a lousy teacher are going nuts... YOU GET THE PICTURE...
But in the end, no matter how hard your life is, no matter how alone you feel, no matter how stressful the moment by moment pressure mounts, no matter how unsympathetic and uncaring the world is and how it can beat you down, no matter how futile and pathetic people are as they lie, betray, scam, cheat and will not reason with you to save their life… I still know… that there are good people in my life pulling for me, who want me to succeed, who love me. And they might have strange ways of showing it but… please know I am loving you back, always.
So thank you for the Birthday Wishes. I need you, always.


  1. happy birthday Brian!


  2. Great Picture, Dad! Happy Birthday

    - Glyn