Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank You Everyone. Thank You.

You came at me today. You came at me with cards and emails and flowers and hugs.

You came at me with phone calls and texts and pictures and letters.
You came at me with drob-bys and well wishes and sit-downs and handshakes.

You called me into meetings and apologized and explained. You pulled me aside and gave me the big picture.

You brought your whole class down and gave me the love letters. You called me your hero. You said I was the best you’d ever seen. You said I was your favorite. You wrote that without me you'd leave, you’d die. You said I gave you your best day ever, that I was the reason you'd changed, that I was the reason you'd begun to share things, open yourself. You moved me. You said without me, you'd quit. You asked me not to quit too.

You took the time, you gave me the words, you let me see it in your smiles and your eyes and your hugs. You’re right. I’m not a quitter.

Today was the nicest day that I’ve had in Taiwan, and it is because of you.

You told me jokes and let me laugh, you listened to my stories and you laughed too. You let me back in, when I almost gave up.

Thank you. You gave me something today I thought I had lost. You showed me something that I thought was gone. Thank you, friends.


  1. You are doing the right thing and you're working hard. Some parents need to be educated themselves. You have been there many times. Take comfort knowing you are doing the right thing & the parents are ridiculous sometimes.

  2. Brian, you always say that students are your children, you can't leave. They need you. Please be strong.