Saturday, November 19, 2011

International School Sports Day 2011

Yep... we had the big International School Sports Day today... this photo should look familiar... it's the third year in a row I've taken the same one.
This year's theme was Aboriginal Taiwan Tribes which is popular due to the movie Seedig Bale, about Taiwan natives during Japanese Occupation.
But also because it is beleived widely here that Aboriginals are adept at sports because they live in the mountains and have supernatural powers... so the kids dressed up in costumes and painted wild war paint on their faces. I don't know what was a bigger "Blue Moon" occurance, playing sports or celebrating native culture, but the kids were just happy there were no tests today... on Saturday.
Oh yes... this is our fearless leader... the school's president. Wouldn't you follow this man into battle? I would.
The Boy and Girl Scouts were also out in full force... they had the kids goose-step marching yesterday during rehersal and then had them practice hailing the school's president like Nazi Germany... all the kids saw it and we talked about it after. I don't know if they kept it for the opening ceremony this morning.
Oh... and part of this elementary school's "Aboriginal Costume" today were these doo-rags with pot plants on them... I explained it to the teacher, she had no idea what I was talking about.
My 9th graders took a much needed break from studying for National Exams to take part in some silly relays... blowing some steam and getting back to fun friendships and making goofy memories... that was great to see.
And the younger kiddos did relays...oh yes, each kid has a numbered jersey... they run in order... it's awesome. So... although the heat was unbearable and my back ached the whole day...I was glad to participate and lend a hand. Good job, everyone!

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