Sunday, November 13, 2011

K2 Cucina Italiana Restaurant (比萨饼店)

The race for pizza supremacy in Taichung is heating up! As much of the downtown expands around the new city hall, so too do a number of awesome Italian restaurants that are taking advantages of some pretty swank spaces.
One such place is K2, the Cucina Italiana Restaurant, with its wood oven baked pies and delicious and generour portions of pasta.
Recommended by a mutual friend, I took the girls here Sunday afternoon and it was pretty good. We made a reservation, of course, but were greeted at the door by the English speaking manager.
There's a wide selection of all kinds of goodies including Marinara, Bianchetti, Margherita, Medici, Cicenielli pizzas... and my favorite... Salsiccia Picante... or Pepporoni!
We got a table in the corner, but my girls shot some of these pictures, including the awesome map of Italy on the ceiling... they knew many of the famous icons.
The pastas were great and came quick, turning the menus over to scribble... it didn't take long to stuff our faces...
Rebekah loved watching the oven...loved the wood and the white flour being tossed around and raining down like snowflakes.
Evenly priced and comparable to other joints in town... give it a try. Interesting drink list as well... besides, the grotesque Outback Steakhouse is next door... anything is better than that place.

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