Thursday, November 3, 2011

Macbre Student Anime

Well... this is what you get from reading too much Edgar Allen Poe... (The following are collected depictions of student art I've come upon recently).
...And crushing student creativity with constant multiple national and school testing days within the week...
...And teachers giving kids nicknames like "Piggy" and "Cockroach," "Dum Dum" and "Pretty Pony."
...And testing them on the first day of class to decide their medium average for all tests the remainder of the year, regardless of subject or interest level..."You're a 75," and "You're an 82." And if a "91" gets an "87" that's a beating on the hands with a bamboo stick or scalding drip from a glue-gun for every point off their average.
... So it's no wonder they come up with images like this... fanciful mirages of pleasure or dark displays of terror.
... During Educational coursework, I remember reading about kids and drawing and cries for help through art. HOw in early adolescence, kids should be drawing happy scenes of rainbows and happy sunshine and families all smiling... anything other than that, any deviation from that, meant a warning sign.
I think about that a lot with my students, how often their creative drawings in class are so violent and macabre, and I don't think it's the stories we read or the apparently harmful first-shooter video games they play at home... no, I think it's a backlash against the educaiton they are spoonfed in their own language, that these drawings are a cry for help... problem is, I don't know who's listening... do you?
Or maybe these pictures are just really cool and I'm the square. Hmmm... probably so.

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