Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mollie Used Books & Green Cafe, Taichung (书店)

Man... seriously, my life is busy... what with school and writing projects and homework and essay and all the extra crap I take on, not to mention all my side projects... it's a wonder I get anything done.
Oh, and did I mention I have three daughters? You take any man in the world with three daughters and believe me, that guy hasn't had a moments peace since they entered the world.
Gone...long gone are the days of just sitting quietly in a book store and enjoying a random discovery on the shelf...
Gone... way gone are the times of just being able to have time to browse by myself and come away with a litle nugget I would read at night... because even if I did find something fun... it takes me so long to finish a book now it's humbling.
So... thank God for Mollies Used Book Store just off the People's Park on Gong-Yi Road next to 7-11.
It's easy to find, but the staircase leading down isn't... but once inside... you've got it all.
Chinese books, a little cafe, hanging art, all these cool little toys, and a bunch of random English books that have no rhyme or reason.
Also, they randomly order their books by color on the shelves, not subject matter... so there's that...
But this is a place I can take my daughters and let them lay on the floor and read and they're not in danger of knocking anything over and there's little chairs and desks for them...and it's a cool place.
So guess who's back in the bookstore aisles...? Yep, you guessed it, I've found a secret hangout...and I'm keeping it all to myself.

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