Friday, November 11, 2011

The Taichung Burger Joint (汉堡餐厅)

Believe me, it ain't easy getting a good burger in Asia, awesomely pronounced 汉堡餐厅 (Ham-bou) in Chinese.
Most places you walk into look like some ultra hip English student gobbled up some old musty American culture and puked up a TGIF or Red Robin...
The patties are made of sawdust and the fries are soaked in grease...
But not at the Taichung Burger Joint... just off of Hua Mei Canal Street just south of Tai Zhong Road. Here you not only get great American bugers... but you get some cool Rock N Roll tunes and atmosphere to boot.
Burgers are pretty diverse: Bacon-Cheese, Jalepeno, Mushroom, and of course, the standard Cheese... there's even a Peanut-Butter Burger and a Veggie, all starting at around NT 220. Pretty Good!
There's a lunch menu from 11-2 with pretty much everything on the evening slate...but the best part, classic milkshake machine which drills out chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, oreo, banana, pineapple, and green tea... perfect for hot summer days and rainy winter afternoons.
I had my birthday dinner there and believe me, after the pretty crappy day I had, it was wonderful to kick back, listen to some Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis, and enjoy a mouth watering mountain bite of a little slice of home.


  1. I have been there many times and the breakfast is amazing as well! The eggs are organic and orangish in problem at all. lol
    And the pancakes, don't get me started on how much I love their 'made from scratch' pancakes.
    A great place to eat and the employees are really friendly and wonderful human beings.
    I can't wait to go back.

  2. Best place to get burgers in all of Taiwan. Must go to place if you are visiting Taizhong. And yes life is much better if you can eat somewhere where people are friendly.