Sunday, November 20, 2011

Xian's Sports Day

Sure... I'm working the sports day which means I've got to put on my dorky school shirt and stand there officiating... but my girls get to have the real fun.
It'rainbow facepaint and glitter time...for the second graders.
Rebekah gets into the act too. Although she her kindergarten is not participating today, she still gets to tag along... but she wants to compete and dance too...
Did somebody say dance...? Oh yes, here in Taiwan, the young kids love to dance in large groups.
If I told you they were dancing to the 1980's song: "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting" would you believe me?
I know, you don't believe me, but they were. I am always pretty impressed with these large dance recitals... it is never about the kid's perfection, it is totally about kids laughing, learning a routine, and having some fun.
You would think that some of these pictures could be their own..."Asians Taking Pictures of My Daughter" post...
Of course after that, Xian and her classmates got to compete in a running relay... you know the one.. where they pick up marbles with a spoon and race toward the hula-hoop...oh, to be a kid again.
Rebekah got to watch... she wants to badly to be a little older...Next year kiddo.

Here are two videos from the day. One of Xian dancing with her class... no, it is not like the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

And of course... being a kid, which is what today was all about.

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